Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stuff from my Moleskine

For the first time ever, I asked my mom to buy me a sketchbook that costs probably as much as a nice pair of shoes (women will understand). I was really curious about this whole moleskine hype so I wanted to buy one for myself. And on a shallower note, I liked how the black leather-bound (apparently real skin from a mole...according to someone I know) book looked so bad ass. I experimented with the first few pages of this newly acquired art material. A few things I found out about it is that the sketchbook moleskine hates watercolor, accepts acrylics, posters and markers and is pretty much ok with any other writing/drawing material. Perhaps I shall buy the watercolor sketchbook of the moleskine line, but not any time soon.

Poster Paint and Red Sign Pen... the dripping effect was a fail ahhaha

The Demon and the Monk. Purple pencil just because I like the color purple. 

Blooming Zombie. An experiment to see if markers worked well on moleskine...indeed it does. Unfortunately it also seeps through all the way to the back. Sayang ang isang pahina haha 

And on an awesome note: I got accepted to both FZD and Gnomon School! I'm quite happy and I have already attempted to pat myself on the back haha I'm still going to discuss the matter with my parents to figure out where I should be heading. :)

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