Friday, November 18, 2011

My Attempt at a Good Portfolio

Over the past couple of months I really focused on creating a good enough portfolio to submit to various schools abroad. I have my eye on FZD, a school in Singapore or Gnomon which is located in the United States. I'm really scared of rejection, but I will suck it up and apply anyway. I really do want to pursue this art business, and I guess I just want to experience living abroad. :)

The Bone Rider. This was actually the first piece I made for my portfolio. I enjoy making something creepy but still aesthetically pleasing. (Pencil on paper)

The Monster Book. I actually made this to remind my friend to buy me this book I really want. It's been quite a while and she has yet to acquire that book. Such is life. (Pencil on paper)

Comodo-antelope. I think I was watching National Geographic or something. Anyway I just wanted to try making hybrid animals. (Colouring pencils on paper) 

The Child Eater. Funny story, when my mom saw me drawing this she said "EWW! What are you drawing? STOP DRAWING THAT!" Gee thanks, mom. Thanks for the support. Hahha. Anyway I was just staring at Japanese Oni Masks and this popped in to my head. Naturally I had to draw it. (Ink and Brush pen on paper)

Dragon Smoke. I found some gold poster paint in the bookstore and I immediately wanted to use it. Thankfully, after looking at pictures of old dudes and dragons, I came up with this. (Ink and Poster paint on paper)

Fishing Flute. Again, I just really wanted to use some gold paint. This came about after my art teacher and her friends started talking about lotuses and water lilies. Inspiration can come from anywhere! (Ink and poster on paper)

Garden Geisha. This is the counterpart of my samurai. I just thought that it would be so cool to have a variety of plants growing on people. It's as if they sat too long, so plants have decided to creep up and simply invade the human body. (Pen and Ink on paper)

Infinity Dragon. This is my first ever dragon, so it will be forever special to me. My art teacher taught me the beauty of cross hatching - which up until that point was something I was afraid to try. I learned something valuable that day. It's cliché, but a lot of people tend to forget that we shouldn't be afraid to try new things. In my case, I learned to suck it up and explore the different mediums and techniques the art world has to offer. (Pen and Ink on paper)

Madame Butterfly. This is my first successful watercolour painting. Again, I was so damn afraid of trying something new that I completely ignored watercolour as a good medium to better express my artist's vision. I have to thank my two awesome Art Teachers, Ms. Eileen and Ms. Junette for teaching me the error of my ways. I now believe watercolour is the best painting medium for me!  (Watercolour on Arches 300gsm)

Octopushead. I just wanted to experiment trying new paper when using my coloring pencils. This is what came out of my head. (Coloring Pencils on Canson Blue)

Panda Piggarot. Another hybrid animal I made with coloring pencils. This one was way creepier than the comodo-antelope hybrid. (Coloring pencil on paper)

Samurai Odin. This particular piece came about after my friend told me my previous drawing was ugly - ok she didn't say ugly but I'll just admit that it was. Anyway, I got all depressed and I couldn't sleep. So at 4 am, I read my Thor comics. And at that moment I knew I wanted to make an east meets west type of work. So I decided to make Odin Allfather's cousin, Samurai Odin with Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) on his shoulders. (Pencil on paper)

Springtime Samurai. This one is the husband of the geisha. I actually drew this one first. Again I just wanted to see what someone's portrait would look like should plants ever decide to burst forth from a person's head and limbs. (Pen and Ink on paper)

Victorian Butterfly. I made this after watching Sherlock Holmes. I do love the Victorian Era culture. No, I don't want to live in a highly industrialized, notoriously polluted and altogether unsanitary Victorian England. But yes, I want to try on their dresses. (Coloring pencil on paper)

Willowman. My friend actually commented that I drew too many women and not enough men. So I tried to draw a guy. It got boring so I decided to make a tree sprout out from him. Now he is way more fascinating. Note: I like the female body way better than the men. I just think women have more shape and ultimately better silhouettes than dudes. (Pencil on paper)

Yin and Yan in Full Bloom. I want to put this on a t-shirt. Originally they where supposed to be like Siamese twins. However, that didn't work out so I decided to make this one. A reflection of one's darkness and light. It is a reminder that there is a bit of good and evil in everyone - a good balance, in other words. (Pencil on paper)

That's it for my "portfolio" haha I do hope the people I need to impress get impressed. Otherwise I will just sit in a corner and quietly cry myself to sleep. haha

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