Monday, June 25, 2012

Pages from my sketchbook

52 pages from my sketchbook. The tiny ones on the upper left are the first few I made...looking at them now, I realize how much I've improved. It is true that sucking is the first step at being awesome haha it's really all about going that extra mile to be able to become better. For the past few weeks...maybe I should say months... I've been quite sad and burned out. But now I'm pulling myself together and am going to try to do one page a day. So far it's been 10 days and 10 new pages. I'll upload them at the end of the month :) I'll also upload some new stuff I'm working on. I guess for me honing your skills (be it drawing, 3D modelling or whatever else you want to do) is like diet and exercise. You have to keep at it even though it is so much easier to give up. And after a while, you realize that your hard work is showing some pretty good results! You just have to have a little faith. And don't give up! 

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