Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year, Dragon Style

It's the year of the Dragon...soon (since Chinese New Year is just around the corner), and I must say 2012 has started out GREAT! Today James Jean went to my old school to have a talk about his work and art in general. His talk was short but insightful, informative yet funny. I'm being a loser by saying that I'm so damn glad he shook my hand and signed my book and moleskine! I even snapped some pictures with him! He's the kind of artist I want to emulate. I think that to succeed in this industry you have to not only love what you do, but also know how to market this to the rest of the world. James Jean was able to convey his thoughts with his art and he managed to produce tangible items that people would be able to keep for themselves. I hope one day I can express myself as well as he does. And it sure doesn't hurt to have a lucrative career in the art industry! This is quite a great inspiration for the start of a new year, so I'm very much looking forward to living out an awesome 2012. 

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